“Without question, it ends when we’re all dead.”

Georgina Wilkinson admits the game of tag she’s been playing with friends for the past five years has got a little out of hand.

“Our group always do these silly games and takes them too far,” says the 28-year-old.

And Georgina has just upped the stakes, flying almost 4,000 miles from her home in the USA to Scotland simply for the latest prank.

The marketing manager surprised her friend Drew during his niece’s christening.

As his family posed for photos at the venue on Loch Lomond, Georgina disguised herself as gardener to hide in the back of shot.

“His sister actually planned the whole christening around my tagging Drew,” she explained.

A video of the prank, which has been watched thousands of times on Facebook, shows her sprinting away as Drew screams “I can’t believe it”.

“I was just focused on making sure he didn’t run away – because if I hadn’t touched him it wouldn’t count towards the game,” she tells Newsbeat.

The rules state the tagger can’t stay around to chat – even though Georgina had flown thousands of miles from North Carolina for it.

She and nine friends started the game in 2013, after reading a Wall Street Journal article about a group of mates who had kept a tag game going for decades.

That real-life story has also inspired the Hollywood movie Tag, released in the UK on 29 June.

“It’s hard to get everyone together because we live across the world, so this is a way to ensure we’ll always be in touch,” explains Adam-Lucas Pettit, another of the group.

The 29-year-old carried out his own elaborate tag in December last year, wrapping himself up as a Christmas present to surprise friend Faye.

“I got a huge box delivered to her family’s house in Milton Keynes, then drove three hours to get there on Christmas Eve, and climbed inside it.

“Her dad pretended he was taking a photo of Faye in front of the box, and as he counted down to the photo, I jumped out.

“Then I had to drive straight back to my house in Lincoln. I couldn’t even stay around for a sausage roll, because of the rules of the game,” he laughs.

The British friends are now living variously in Australia, Vietnam, the US and across the UK.

And that means the pranks have had to go international too, at locations including a wrestling match and a haunted house.

“Often they involve a disguise, but I think this is the first one where a real family event has been ambushed for it,” says Adam-Lucas of the latest stunt.

Georgina adds: “I kind of feel bad that there’s so much pressure on Drew now.

“I don’t know how he’s going to go bigger, but he’s going to have to.”

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