A three-year-old who was found dead in Londonderry last year had received 13 blows to his head, a court has been told.

Kayden McGuiness was found dead at a house in the city’s Bogside on Sunday 17 September.

Liam Whoriskey, 23, from Glenabbey Gardens in Derry denies murdering the toddler.

During a bail application, Londonderry Magistrates Court was told Kayden died from one of several blows to head.

A prosecution barrister said Mr Whoriskey was charged with murder after the results of an autopsy on the toddler were made available to the PSNI in May.

He said the child had sustained multiple head and scalp injuries in a single “blunt force attack.”

The court heard Kayden would have survived for only 30 minutes after suffering the fatal blow.

The autopsy also revealed the toddler had sustained a rib fracture, between six and 10 days before his death.

The court was told the defendant had been reported twice before for assaulting the child.

On one occasion last August when photographs were posted on a social media site of the boy with two black eyes , the accused told police the child had hit himself with toys.

The barrister also said the defendant had previous convictions for domestic violence on previous partners, and convictions for assaulting his mother and brother.

The court was told the child was found dead at around 0950 BST by Whoriskey.

He told officers he had been babysitting Kayden and the boy’s younger sister when their mother was at a family function.

Whoriskey said he had put the child to bed and had heard him laughing and playing but when he checked on him the next morning , he was dead.

He told police he had drank four cans of Guinness while babysitting.

A PSNI officer also told the court police believed there was a paramilitary threat against the defendant.

Whoriskey who appeared in court via video link from Mahagberry prison, was remanded in continuing custody until 23 July.