A jury has heard evidence that a woman accused of killing her sister told a former neighbour “I did it”.

Lynnette Greenop, 40, is accused of killing her sister Sharon, 46, while acting with Sharon’s daughter Shayla at the home they shared in Troon.

Neighbour Martin Hamilton told the High Court in Glasgow the comments came as he found paperwork about the case.

Lynnette and Shayla Greenop, who both live in Ayr, deny all the charges against them.

Mr Hamilton, 39, said he had lived beside Lynnette Greenop for a time and briefly moved into her flat.

He told the jury he found what he called an “indictment” concerning the alleged killing.

They were in the flat with another man, John Buchanan, whom he believed was in a relationship with Ms Greenop at the time.

‘Aye, I did it’

Mr Hamilton said he wanted Mr Buchanan, a friend of his, to “realise the severity of what it was and who he was with”.

He also wanted Lynnette to “explain to John the circumstances”.

According to Mr Hamilton, her response was: “Aye, I did… aye, I did it.”

Prosecutor Ashley Edwards QC asked him: “What did you understand she meant?”

“That she murdered her sister,” Mr Hamilton replied.

Ms Edwards then asked: “You had read something – did you explain what you had read?”

“Yes,” replied Mr Hamilton. “I asked: ‘Did you murder your sister?’.”

Admission denied

Lynnette’s QC Frances McMenamin later said to Mr Hamilton that she “denies admitting anything to you”.

Ms McMenamin added: “She was angry and she said: ‘If you believe I murdered my sister, you will believe anything. Get out’.”

“That is not how it happened,” Mr Hamilton replied.

The murder charge alleges Sharon was repeatedly struck with “object or objects” and had her neck compressed.

It is said injuries were also inflicted “by means unknown” and that there was a failure to obtain medical help.

Sharon is stated to have been so severely hurt that she died.

The trial, before Lady Carmichael, continues.