A woman injured after a car she was in hit a cow which had escaped from a field has said she feels lucky to be alive.

Margaret Evans, 69, from Machynlleth, was a front seat passenger in the Renault Megane when it hit the cow at 40mph on the A49 in Ludlow in 2015.

She injured both knees, her shoulders, neck and forehead – the cow survived.

“We were very lucky that we weren’t killed,” said Ms Evans.

She got £8,000 in compensation after it was found that the cow had escaped via a broken fence from a nearby field.

Ms Evans is now calling for drivers to be more alert to animals wandering into roads.

“I’ve never known anyone else experience this type of incident, or of anyone within the farming community allowing their livestock to wander freely onto the road,” she said.

“They are big animals, so it’s not surprising that it caused so much damage.”