New Delhi:  Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj has ambushed the trolls who have been attacking her on Twitter for issuing passports to an inter-faith couple from Noida. Her official handle re-tweeted some abusive comments directed at the union minister.

“I was out of India from 17th to 23rd June 2018. I do not know what happened in my absence. However, I am honoured with some tweets. I am sharing them with you. So I have liked them,” Sushma Swaraj said.

The foreign minister had been on an official trip to Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the European Union.

Earlier this week, a couple from Noida, who has an inter-faith marriage, alleged that they faced harassment at the local passport office and the woman was asked to change name and religion. Married in 2007, Tanvi Seth and Anas Siqqiqui have a 7 year old daughter.

Mr Sidiqui said the officer “asked me to change my name, my religion… He said one of us has to change our name or religion”.

The officer at the centre of controversy was transferred.

Some people then criticised the foreign minister for transferring the officer, for what they claimed was a person who was simply doing his duty.

It is not known whether the police would take action against the people who abused the minister on social media.
The Congress also condemned the behaviour of the Twitter users who used foul language against the foreign minister, who is known to reply regularly on the social media platform to people, especially Indians aboard, who need help with matters concerning her ministry.

Many people tweeted in support of the foreign minister.

“Can you guys stop this nonsense for once and for all. She… did a lot for everyone irrespective of caste or religion. If you have any problem then there is proper way to communicate your message not like ill-mannered nuts,” a Twitter user by the handle @teawithdev said.