Israeli F-15

© AP Photo/ Ariel Schalit

TEL AVIV (Sputnik) – Israeli jets fired at six naval targets that belong to Palestine’s militant group Hamas in a Gaza port on Friday night in response to new clashes on the border, the army said.

“IAF [Israeli Air Force] fighter jets targeted 6 military targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization’s naval force in the Gaza Strip,” the Israel Defense Forces tweeted.

Palestinian media said several small vessels had been hit. The IDF justified the strikes by a new wave of unrest on the Gaza-Israeli border, which it called a “mass infiltration attempt.”

Hundreds of Palestinians tried to breach the fence earlier in the day to cross into what they say is their ancestral land. Israeli soldiers used live fire, killing three people. A total of 43 people have lost their lives over five weeks of violence at the border, which IDF blames on Hamas.